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Snakebite is a pure python based HDFS client which is much faster than the classic hdfs client operations(hadoop fs / hdfs dfs).Snakebite is developed by Spotify. More details can be found at

I am using HDP 2.4 and Ambari on CentOS/

1). Install Python Pip.

yum install python-pip

2).Install Snakebite.

pip install snakebite

Now snakebite is installed.

You can run below sample commands.

snakebite ls /tmp

snakebite ls /

Use snakebite help for more options.

Happy Snakebiting!


Does it support Kerberos by now? Would be very nice to be able to use it instead of os.system("hadoop ... ") commands as I currently do.

@Benjamin Leonhardi. Yes. you need to do

pip install "snakebite[kerberos]"

I haven't installed on kerberized cluster. Will try and let you know.

cool thanks, that should speed things up.

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