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- Here is a small demo how NiFi can help you monitor and alert on YARN Application failure.

- Here you can view the screen recording that Demonstrates how it works!


- Make sure you have your HDP cluster/Sandbox up and running.

- NiFi_0.6.1//HDF_1.2 is available up and running.


1. Assuming you have NiFi UI Available, lets drop GetHTTP processor to pull data from YARN REST API:

Configure Processor with URL given as below, which pulls all Applications in Killed and Failed state. node1 is my Resource Manager:



Lets schedule the processor to run only every 10sec so that you don’t query too often.

2. As the Rest call outputs the application details in Json format, lets use a SplitJson processor to separate individualapplication details.

Provide “JsonPath Expression” value as  “$”  in the configuration.


3. Connect GetHTTP to SplitJson for success relation and auto terminate rest.

4. Lets add EvaluateJsonPath processor to extract required fields and add them to flow-file attribute: Configure it as below:


5. Connect SplitJson to EvaluateJsonPath for success relation.

6. Create and start two controller services: DistributedMapCacheClientService, DistributedMapCacheServer so that we keep track of all the applications and don’t sent out duplicate alerts for same application.


7. Add a PutDistributedMapCache processor to update the cache with latest apps that fails/killed. Configure it as below adding Distributed cache service.


8. Lets auto terminate Failure relationship and connect success relationship to PutEmail processorwhich will sent out email for any new failed/killed application.

9. Make sure you have formatted the email body and subject to have all information about the failed job:


10. Auto terminate success and failure relationship for PutEmail processor. Once you start the Flow, you will get alerts for each Killed/Failed Yarn application. My Alert would look like below:


Note: Now you can configure your GetHTTP Processor to query YARN to find long running applications


Jobin George


@Jobin George This is real cool. I have tried to build a similar functionality tool using Flink as my Stream Processor. I call it Applerts :).

@Hemant Kumar Dindi

Applerts are way cooler!!! 🙂

Super Guru

can you share the flow XML?

@Timothy Spann,

Sorry for the late reply, didn't get the update as i was not tagged.

Attaching it here: yarn-application-monitor.xml.


Jobin George


My Yarn UI is kerberos enabled. getHTTP complaining about 401 authentication error. Is there any work around for this?

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