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[ANNOUNCE] New Hive ODBC and JDBC Drivers Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Hive ODBC v2.5.24 and Hive JDBC v2.5.19. The release has the following fixes and enhancements:


Enhancements and New Features in Hive ODBC 2.5.24

  • Updated configuration option: The name of the Delegation User ID case configuration option has changed from DelegationUIDcase to DelegationUserIDcase.


Resolved Issues in Hive ODBC 2.5.24

  • The statement “set” is executed incorrectly.

  • Driver report only read operations are supported in the driver log.

  • The INFINITY value for FLOAT columns are not correctly retrieved.

  • Error/status code returned for query timeout error is incorrect.

  • NaN value retrieved for FLOAT columns is incorrect.

  • The operation handle for metadata API calls is not closed correctly


Getting Started with the Cloudera Driver


Enhancements and New Features in Hive JDBC 2.5.19

  • AsyncExecPollInterval Configuration Option: You can configure how often the driver polls the server for query execution status.

  • WEEK function now supported. As of this version, the driver now supports translation of the WEEK function.


Resolved Issues in Hive JDBC 2.5.19

  • In some configurations, users would receive a NullPointer system message when attempting to connect to the server.

  • The driver sometimes returns fewer rows than expected if the JVM is running low on memory, even though no errors are reported.

  • ORDER BY queries that contain subqueries are translated incorrectly.

  • In certain situations, the driver returns a different ResultSet column name depending on whether UseNativeQuery is enabled or disabled.

  • If allowHostNameMismatch is set to 0, the driver does not compare the host name and the common name of the SSL server

  • If allowSelfSignedCert is set to 1, the driver does not verify the SSL certificate.


Getting Started with the Cloudera Driver


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