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Known Issues after the Migration


Our teams tirelessly worked to test the new design and eliminate as many defects and issues as possible before launching the redesigned Cloudera Community. We're still working to optimize the experience, and we ask that you please be patient with us as we continue to resolve a few more issues in the coming weeks. Below is an outline of our known issues, as well as the workarounds you can use while we add permanent fixes. We'll keep you informed on our progress and solutions. Please reply to this message with the issues you encounter so we can evaluate and keep the list current to ensure issues are fixed.

Issue 1: Time Zone mismatch on home page feed

On the home page and support questions board content feed, the content cards are showing the community default time zone (US Pacific) even if you have set your user preferences to local time zones. Once you click into a thread, though, the times match your community preferences.

Issue 2: Label names cut off in labels list

When you click a label from any content, you are taken to a "Topics with Label" page that shows you all topics with that label applied. On the right side of that page is a list of all labels that you can click. Some of these label names are cut off. We're working on a solution to let users see the full label.


Issue 3: "Agree" doesn't fill in when selected

If you click the raised hand to agree with a topic, the number will increment by 1, but the hand doesn't fill in to show that you selected it. Instead it grays out. We'll be updating to make sure the hand fills in like the thumbs up does for kudos.agree clicked.png

Issue 4: Subscription emails

Digests and solution notifications don't have all of the content or links. We're working to fix the template and restore the content.

Issue 5: Intermittent redirect problems

If you bookmarked content from HCC, you should get redirected to the new content in the combined community. However, there have been some intermittent errors occurring with redirects. We are working to ensure consistency so you can get to the content you need. Resolved -- please report any additional issues you may have with this.