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kudu table size

Hi ,

do we have a coomand to check kudu table size. like hive and hbase table we can check size on hdfs .

do we have similar thing for kudu 

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Re: kudu table size


There is not a command to do this. However, if you are using Cloudera
Manager, you can navigate to the "Charts Library" page under the Kudu
service, and then select "Tables" on the left hand side, and then select
the table of interest. This should give various metrics including its size
on disk (post-replication).

Hope that helps
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Re: kudu table size

Is there not a Kudu command which will allow for obtaining table size information? If not, then how does Cloudera Manager perform this? We would like to be able to replicate this behavior so that we can configure e-mail alerts to be sent whenever a table reaches a particular size.