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[ANNOUNCE] Apache Accumulo 1.7 Support for CDH 5

Expert Contributor

Cloudera is pleased to announce a new minor release of our supported packaging of Apache Accumulo for use on CDH 5.

This release adds support for:

  • Kerberos authentication for Accumulo Clients
  • RHEL 7 / CentOS 7 support
  • Running Accumulo on top of Apache HDFS Transparent Encryption
  • AccumuloStorgeHandler for Apache Hive access to data stored in Accumulo
  • Apache Spark processing of data stored in Accumulo through AccumuloInputFormat and AccumuloOutputFormat

Users are cautioned to read the installation guide for known issues and unsupported upstream features.

Existing users should see a new parcel available for Accumulo 1.7.2-cdh5.5.0.

This release is supported with Cloudera Manager and CDH versions 5.5.0 or later. Cloudera recommends using the latest version of Cloudera Manager available.


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