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[ANNOUNCE] Cloudera Connector Powered by Teradata 1.6c5

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We are pleased to announce the general availability of the Cloudera Connector Powered by Teradata 1.6c5. 
New Features in Cloudera Connector Powered by Teradata Version 1.6c5
  • Upgrades the JDBC driver to version and the TDCH library to version 1.5.0. These libraries contain several bug fixes and improvements.
  • Adds the --schema argument, used to override the <td-instance> value in the connection string of the Sqoop command. For example, if the connection string in the Sqoop command is jdbc:teradata:// <td-host>/DATABASE=database1, but you specify --schema database2, your data is imported from database2 and not database1. If the connection string does not contain the DATABASE parameter 
— for example jdbc:teradata://<td-host>/CHARSET=UTF8) — you can also use the --schema databasename argument to have Sqoop behave as if you specified the jdbc:teradata://<td-host>/DATABASE=databasename,CHARSET=UTF8 connection string.
For more details on new features and usage of Cloudera Connector Powered by Teradata, see 
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