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[ANNOUNCE] Cloudera Enterprise 5.16 is Now Available


We are pleased to announce the general availability of Cloudera Enterprise 5.16, the modern platform for machine learning and analytics optimized for the cloud. This release delivers a number of enhancements focusing on ease of administration, improved stability and performance at increased scale.  


The Cloudera Enterprise 5.16 release includes updated versions of many of our platform components, including:

  • CDH
  • Cloudera Manager
  • Apache Impala
  • Cloudera Navigator
  • Apache Kudu
  • Apache Sentry

5.16 adds new capabilities across four key themes:

  • Easier Administration
    • Sentry adds CREATE permission and user-level ownership of tables.   Enables securely sharing a single sandbox database among many users. Eliminates the administrative overhead of creating separate databases, roles and groups to preserve privacy for one person or a small group.
    • Customized upgrade guide puts all the steps needed for your upgrade in one document.


  • Scale and Performance
    • Navigator handles larger volumes of data with more select HDFS event and metadata capture.
    • New Kudu tablet rebalancing tool delivers more consistent performance and resource usage (without administrator intervention)


  • Enterprise Quality and Stability
    • New Cloudera Manager health checks for Impala, Kafka, Kudu and Navigator
    • Impala metadata handling improvements and REFRESH METADATA permission


  • Platform Support
    • Java OpenJDK
    • Oracle Enterprise Linux 7.5


Please note: The first release of Cloudera Enterprise 5.16 is numbered 5.16.1.


Additional information is available in the documentation and the Release Notes.


As always, we'd love your feedback and remain committed to your success! Please provide any comments and suggestions through our community forums.