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[ANNOUNCE] Cloudera Enterprise new Release, CDH 6.3.1 is Generally Available

[ANNOUNCE] Cloudera Enterprise new Release, CDH 6.3.1 is Generally Available

Cloudera Employee
We are happy to announce Cloudera Enterprise new release, CDH 6.3.1.

What's New?

It is a regular maintenance release, cumulatively includes base 6.3 features, additionally new Dell EMC Isilon support to latest patches and fixes, above existing known limitations.
Cloudera Manager, 6.3.1, the recommended tool for installing Cloudera Enterprise, has its own feature additions, fixes and known limitations updated.
Quick overview of Runtime fixes as follows:
Cloudera Distribution fix/es for 
Idempotent and Transactional Capabilities of Kafka that are Incompatible with Sentry
Upstream fix/es for
Apache Avro
HIVE-17829 - Fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException that occurred when using HBASE-backed tables with Avro schema in Hive2
Apache Hadoop
HADOOP-16018 - DistCp does not reassemble chunks when the value of blocks per chunk is greater than zero.
HDFS-12828 - OIV ReverseXML Processor fails with escaped characters.
HDFS-13101 - An fsimage corruption related to snapshots.
HDFS-13709 - Report bad block to NameNode when transfer block encounters EIO exception
HDFS-14148 - HDFS OIV ReverseXML SnapshotSection parser throws exception when there is more than one snapshottable directory.
HDFS-14687 - Standby Namenode does not come out of safemode when EC files are being written.
HDFS-14706 - Checksums are not checked if the block meta file size is less than 7 bytes.
MapReduce 2
MAPREDUCE-7225 - Fix broken current folder expansion during MR job start
YARN-9667 - Container-executor.c duplicates messages to stdout
YARN-9833 - Race condition when DirectoryCollection.checkDirs() runs during container launch
Apache HBase
HBASE-19893 - restore_snapshot is broken in master branch when region splits
HBASE-20305 - adding options to skip deletes/puts on target when running SyncTable
HBASE-22169 - Open region failed cause memory leak
HBASE-22539 - WAL corruption due to early DBBs re-use when Durability.ASYNC_WAL is used
HBASE-22617 - Recovered WAL directories not getting cleaned up
HBASE-22690 - Deprecate / Remove OfflineMetaRepair in hbase-2+
HBASE-22759 - Extended grant and revoke audit events with caller info
Apache Hive
HIVE-17829 - Fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException that occurred when using HBASE-backed tables with Avro schema in Hive2
HUE-8922 - [frontend] Show dates and times in local format with timezone offset details
HUE-8933 - [editor] Results are not properly cleared in multi-statement execution
HUE-8950 - [core] Saving newly copied Oozie workflow throws an exception
HUE-8979 - [jb] Oozie spark jobs display a NoneType object that is not iterable
Apache Impala
IMPALA-8549 - Added support for scanning DEFLATE text files.
IMPALA-8820 - Fixed an issue where the catalogd process was not found when Impala starts in a cluster.
IMPALA-8847 - The event based automatic metadata invalidation can now correctly ignore empty partition lists generated for certain Hive queries.
Apache Oozie
OOZIE-3397 - Improve logging in NotificationXCommand.
OOZIE-3542 - Handle better HDFS implementations in ECPolicyDisabler.
Apache Sentry
SENTRY-2276 - Sentry-Kafka integration does not support Kafka's Alter/DescribeConfigs and IdempotentWrite operations
SENTRY-2528 - Format exception when fetching a full snapshot
Apache Spark
SPARK-18364 - [YARN] Expose metrics for YarnShuffleService
SPARK-24352 - [CORE][TESTS] De-flake StandaloneDynamicAllocationSuite blacklist test
SPARK-24355 - Spark external shuffle server improvement to better handle block fetch requests.
SPARK-25139 - [SPARK-18406][CORE][2.4] Avoid NonFatals to kill the Executor in PythonRunner
SPARK-25641 - Change the spark.shuffle.server.chunkFetchHandlerThreadsPercent default to 100
SPARK-25642 - [YARN] Adding two new metrics to record the number of registered connections as well as the number of active connections to YARN Shuffle Service
SPARK-25692 - [CORE] Remove static initialization of worker eventLoop handling chunk fetch requests within TransportContext. This fixes ChunkFetchIntegrationSuite as well.
SPARK-26615 - [CORE] Fixing transport server/client resource leaks in the core unittests
SPARK-27021 - [CORE] Cleanup of Netty event loop group for shuffle chunk fetch requests
SPARK-28150 - [CORE][FOLLOW-UP] Don't try to log in when impersonating.
SPARK-28150 - [CORE] Log in user before getting delegation tokens.
SPARK-28261 - [CORE] Fix client reuse test
SPARK-28335 - [DSTREAMS][TEST] DirectKafkaStreamSuite wait for Kafka async commit
SPARK-28584 - [CORE] Fix thread safety issue in blacklist timer, tests
How You can get it?
Full software download available at Cloudera Homepage, with support and documentation.
To avoid disrupting currently running CDH workloads, and at Your convenience, You can download the parcel(s) and apply it directly to provisioned clusters via latest Cloudera Manager.

Cloudera archive continues to provide access to Runtime variants, and previous versions.

Thank You for using Cloudera Software!
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