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[ANNOUNCE] Cloudera ODBC Connector version 2.6.16 for Impala Released

Cloudera Employee
We are pleased to announce the release of Cloudera ODBC Connector 2.6.16 for ImpalaThis release addresses the following:


Enhancements and New Features
  • [IMP-899][00370402] Improvements to idempotent HTTP operations
  • [IMP-904][00371927] New mechanism for SAML SSO
  • [IMP-857] Updated OpenSSL support


Resolved Issues

  • [IMP-889] In some cases, when executing a complex query that involves multiple joins, aggregations, and searched case statements, the connector terminates unexpectedly.
  • [IMP-902][00368911] In some cases, when using HTTP, SSL, or proxy connections, the connector returns an "SSL_connect: wrong version number” error.


Known Issues
  • [IMP-843][00294390] Limited support for query translation



Getting Started with the Cloudera Driver


As always, we welcome your feedback. Please send your comments and suggestions to the user group through our community forumsYou can also file bugs through our external Jira projects on

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