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[ANNOUNCE] Cloudera ODBC Driver 2.6.13 for Apache Hive Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Cloudera ODBC 2.6.13 driver for Apache Hive.
This release has the following fixes and enhancements:


Enhancements and New Features
  • [HAR-1225] [HAR-1227][HAR-1228] Updated platform support
  • [00371927] [HAR-1288] New mechanism for SAML SSO
  • [00374764] [HAR-1289] Override SQL_ATTR_QUERY_TIMEOUT
  • [HAR-1294] Updated OpenSSL library
  • [HAR-1302] Heartbeat messages
  • [HAR-1303] Configure query translation for CTAS syntax
  • [HAR-1305] Configuring the DSN file
Resolved Issues
  • [HAR-1220] When using a new TCP connection to make a HTTP request, the connector does not honor cookies
  • [HAR-1287] The HTTP connection client does not reinitialize after an SSL_read error
  • [HAR-1300] In some cases, when using Linux, the connector terminates unexpectedly when resolving host names
  • [HAR-1301] When using UnixODBC on Linux, error messages are truncated
  • [HAR-1304] The connector does not allow the use of server and intermediate certificates that do not have a CRL distribution points (CDP) entry
  • [HAR-1306] When using a proxy, the connector sets the incorrect host name for SSL Server Name Indication (SNI)
  • [HAR-1307] In some cases, when using 32-bit Solaris, the connector terminates unexpectedly when retrieving UTF-8 strings
  • [HAR-1308] In some cases, when using an HTTP, SSL, and proxy connection, the connector returns an "SSL_connect: wrong version number" error
Known Issues
  • [HAR-1171] The Hive server does not currently support using scientific notation for FLOAT type. As a workaround, to use scientific notation, cast the data to a DECIMAL
Workflow Changes
  • [HAR-1087][HAR-1089][HAR-1224][HAR-1229][HAR-1230][HAR-1231] Removed support for a few old OS platforms
  • [HAR-1095] Removed support for Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2013


Getting Started with the Cloudera Driver
  1. Read the Cloudera ODBC Driver 2.6.13 for Apache Hive Release Notes and Installation Guide
  2. Download the connector from the Cloudera Connectors page
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