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Announcing: Cloudera Director 1.0.2

Master Collaborator

Hi Cloudera Director users,


Cloudera Director 1.0.2 was released today as a maintenance release. This is in line with our goal to quickly address bugs and enable our users to deploy production ready clusters in cloud environments such as AWS.
You can download the latest artifact here. Also, AWS QuickStart is a great way to get started with Director if you have an AWS account.
Release notes:

  • Increased the number of inodes per partition for ephemeral drives. Director previously optimized for a small number of large files, which wasn't suitable for smaller sized instance types. The new defaults allow for a large number of files with any sized instance type. 
  • Added support for the new AWS Frankfurt region. 
  • Granular status updates while terminating deployments and clusters.
We welcome your feedback! 
- The Cloudera Director team