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Announcing: Cloudera Director 1.1.3

Master Collaborator

We are pleased to announce the release of Cloudera Director 1.1.3.

Cloudera Director is a simple, reliable, enterprise-grade way to deploy, scale, and manage Hadoop in the cloud, initially for Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is free to download and use, and supported for Cloudera Enterprise customers.

This release fixes key bugs and includes the following:

  • Uses lazy_itable_init when preparing ephemeral drives to speed up instance preparation.  This is useful for instances that have many large ephemeral drives, such as AWS D2 instances.

  • Adds support for GUID Partition Table (GPT) root disk partitions.

  • Allows custom AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) endpoints.

  • Changes the default Cloudera Manager and CDH versions to 5.3.3 instead of the latest version to ensure that compatible Cloudera Manager and CDH versions are used over the lifetime of Cloudera Manager.

  • Corrects a typo for the d2.4xlarge instance type in

  • No longer inadvertently upgrades Cloudera Manager packages that have been preinstalled on AMIs.

  • Ensures that time is accurately synchronized by Network Time Protocol (NTP) prior to bootstrapping.  This improves cluster reliability and consistency.

We look forward to you trying it out, using the information below:


As always, we are happy to hear your feedback. Please send your comments and suggestions to the user group or through our community forums.

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