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Announcing: Impala 1.1 and Cloudera Manager 4.6.2

Announcing: Impala 1.1 and Cloudera Manager 4.6.2

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Hello CDH, Impala and Cloudera Manager Users,


Impala 1.1:
We are pleased to announce the release of Cloudera Impala version: 1.1. This release includes the following new features:

  • Sentry support:
    • Fine-grained authorization
    • Role-based authorization
  • Support for views
  • Performance improvements
    • Parquet columnar performance
    • More efficient metadata refresh for larger installations
  • Additional SQL
    • SQL-89 joins (in addition to existing SQL-92)
    • LOAD function
    • REFRESH command for JDBC/ODBC
  • Improved Hbase support:
    • Binary types
    • Caching configuration

For a full list of features and fixes please see the Release Notes.


Cloudera Manager 4.6.2:
We are also announcing the Cloudera Manager 4.6.2 release, which contains support for Impala 1.1 and several key bug fixes. Please see the full Cloudera Manager release notes. You can finddownload information, installation and upgrade documentation from our website. If you are using Cloudera Manager to manage Impala, we recommend upgrading Impala to 1.1 and Cloudera Manager to 4.6.2.


To Get Started with Impala:

For those of you who have not used Impala previously, here is how you get started:


If you have feedback, please continue to use the user groups and external jiras:

The Cloudera Team