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2.0.0-M1 python extension failure relationship doesnt take new flowfile attributes



Using pythong extension Im trying to write my custom processor , I noticed when I return failure rel as follows:


return FlowFileTransformResult("failure", contents=None,attributes={"Feeling.Good.About.PY.Ext":"No"})


I cant find any attribute "Feeling.Good.About.PY.Ext" in the failure rel flowfile with value "No". I can guarantee that its not because the attribute name or the value 🙂 . Not sure if this is done by design or what.Any thoughts on this?

I have also posted another question related to splitting byte input into multiple flowfiles here but no answer:


@MattWho, @steven-matison , @cotopaul@joseomjr 




Seems like even in the M3 release this hasn't been fixed yet. Doesn't seem to work in custom relationships either with name other than `success`


HI @AsifArmanRahman , yes in failure relationship you could not pass attributes for some reason as far I tested in M1 , M2 seems to have similar issue , however you would be able to pass attributes in custom relaltionship. I have created valid\invalid rel and I was able to pass attributes through both . the good thing about M3 is that for python extension it works out of the box if you enable pyhthon and have the right python version installed. Before you had to rename the script folder created by the venv to bin in order to work properly. Sad part is you have to figure it on your own when you are dealing new components as development doesnt seem to interject much in this community to guide you through it. Sad 😞


Aha, thank you for the information about attributes in custom relationship. I think the bug exists in Java side, because failure relationship is created automatically, unlike success, which is based on a code section in Python side. Also, I went through NiFi Jira, and if searched properly, this bug isn't even mentioned yet.

Also, regarding the venv issue, I guess it's a windows related issue, what I've been doing from start is using container-based setup, so can't relate, but sounds like a hassle.

Lastly, yeah it's sad, but I guess not too many people testing it out yet, maybe waiting for stable release to be made first.