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404 when Adding MKL wrapper parcel


 I am unable to add the `mkl-wrapper` parcel. The repo is no longer available. Since my use case is for Spark, according to the instructions ,I need the JNI wrapper for spark to use the MKL BLAS and LAPACK.


Broken link:


Thanks in advance.



Hello @mhsyed , thanks for reporting this.

I see similar description on our Partner page too:

Seems the link is broken because the "Intel-bigdata" Github does not have the "mkl-wrappers-parcel-repo" anymore:

I have involved our respective teams to get in touch with Intel to fix this. Unfortunately I cannot offer any other workaround in the meantime, we ask for your patience.


Best regards

 Miklos Szurap

Customer Operations Engineer, Cloudera

Community Manager

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Vidya Sargur,
Community Manager

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