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Access to the creation of Glossary, Terms, Category, and Classification by different types of users. Apache Atlas.

New Contributor


Can all types of users (e.g., admin, data scientist ...) create the Glossary, Terms, Category, and Classification?
And whether it is possible to make any restrictions for some users for these purposes?


And how can the Bookmarks and Popularity score be created in Atlas?


Master Collaborator

Hi Igor,


You can define what users can and cannot do in Atlas by way of defining authorization policies in Ranger. Details on how to do that can be found here:


What you refer to as Bookmarks can potentially be done via Saved Searches (see here), depending on what you want to achieve. As for the popularity score, this could be made a metadata attribute that can be updated by users. There is no automation to derive this score with Atlas out-of-the-box.


Hope this helps,