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Add a dynamic variable to a Hive view

Add a dynamic variable to a Hive view

New Contributor

I would like to create a Hive view that would would include a dynamic variable that would give different output depending on what was done using the set command


The following doesn't work.


create view default.view_mikeg_test as
select * from prod_integration.dim_company where company_code = ${hiveconf:company_code};


This produces an error and will only work if I set the variable company_code first (i.e. set company_code = '7777') and then that value gets imbedded into the view.  That's not what I want.  I have tried to use single and double quotes around ${hiveconf:company_code} as suggested in other forums.  There has to be a simple solution to this.



Re: Add a dynamic variable to a Hive view

I don't think this is supported at the moment.