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Add attribute (String value) to an array in flow file.

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I have an attribute of type string and my flow file has an array of strings. I want to add attribute into the array of strings in flow file.


Please help me with the process.


Thank you


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For me your question is to abstract, sorry. Could you show some of your data?

Are we talking about JSON-array?
If so and you are already using NiFi 1.10.0 there are some new options in expression language to manipulate JSON.

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This is my JSON in flow file content

"linkedData" : [ ],
"comid" : "C3XXXXXXXXXXA-aidan-16802451"

I have an attribute 

callid : C3XXXXXXXXXX-XXXX-16802451
I want attribute callid value into linkedData array in JSON of flow file

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Maybe you want to try this way. Worked on 1.10.0


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Thank so much for the reply.


I tried the flow, but i am see an exception "Unexpected token 'jsonPathAdd'". I am using nifi 2.11.

org.apache.nifi.processor.exception.ProcessException: Unable to evaluate new value for attribute 'FF_CONTENT': org.apache.nifi.attribute.expression.language.exception.AttributeExpressionLanguageException: Invalid Expression: ${FF_CONTENT:jsonPathAdd('$linkedData',${callid})} due to Unexpected token 'jsonPathAdd' at line 1, column 13.

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NiFi 2.11 ? I must have missed something...

Let's assume it is 1.11.0 then the used function should be available.


I think there is a typo in your Expression Language.

${FF_CONTENT:jsonPathAdd('$.linkedData', ${callid})}

There has to be a dot between $ and linkedData.

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Apologies I gave wrong version.nifi 1.9.2


Also I tried correcting syntax


Invalid Expression: ${FF_CONTENT:jsonPathAdd('$.linkedData',${callid})} due to Unexpected token 'jsonPathAdd'



Expert Contributor

Oh, too bad, this options for manipulating JSON with Expression Language are - as far as I know - not available before 1.10.0.


When the JSON-format is really stabil maybe this will work for you.

UpdateAttribute ==> ${FF_CONTENT:substringBefore('['):append('["'):append(${callid}):append('"]'):append(${FF_CONTENT:substringAfter(']')})}


It is not "elegant" but I haven't got another idea, sorry.

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