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Adding newline when using mergecontent processor to combine csv flowfile

I am afraid this is very basic question but could not find an answer after spending a couple of hours. So I post the question here.

I'd like to add newlife when merging different csv flowfile with MergeContent so that output would be in right shape.

I stumbled upon a couple of articles but none of them did not work like the following link.

Here is my configuration.

I tried shift+enter, \n and so on, but could not get the output which I need..

I super appreciate if you tell me how to do this.


Thank you in advance


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Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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Cloudera Employee



1) Demarcator, use


2) Delimiter Strategy = Text




Thanks, you saved my day.

Its also useful for merging multiple json files in a single jsonlines file.


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