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Ambari DB is damaged without Ambari DB backup

Hi all


We have Ambari HDP cluster ( HDP version - 2.6.4 ) , with 420 workers linux machines ( when each worker include data node and node manager service )


Unfortunately Ambari DB is damaged , and we not have Ambari DB dump , so we cant recover Ambari DB  , so actually we not have Ambari and Ambari GUI


But HDFS disks on workers machines include HDFS data , and name node is still working with all data  as ( journal/hdfsha/current/ ) and ( namenode/current )

So HDFS works without Ambari



So regarding what I said until now - it is possible install new Ambari cluster from scratch , and then add existing working HDFS data to the cluster ?

Dose hortonworks / cloudera have procedure for this process ?


Cloudera Employee

Cloudera Employee

Hi @mike_bronson7,

Please follow this thread for the approach to handle such situations.


Thank you.

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