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Ambari-qa user || Ambari Installation



What is use of ambari-qa account. Why it is require in hdp cluster. Can It replace with "root" account during hdp installation via ambari.



Hi, You can find out complete list of service user accounts which are created by default during installation. Each user has its own requirement for different components that we install !

You can customize the service accounts (root) as per your requirement during final stages of Ambari UI installation.

Super Mentor

"ambari-qa" is Smoke Test user which performs smoke tests against cluster services as part of the install process. It also can perform these on-demand from the Ambari Web GUI.

Example: When you run the service checks then you will find that this user acccount is actually is used to perform those checks. "Ambari UI" --> "Yarn" --> "Service Action" --> "Run Service Check"

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 1>/tmp/tmpcDRYnw 2>/tmp/tmp3Oclia''] {'logoutput': None, 'quiet': False}


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