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Ambari server not able to recognize old state after MYSQL server purged and reinstalled


Hi everyone,


Ambari :- 2.7.4

HDP :-


I was facing some issue with the mysql server on the host where my ambari server was running. So, I removed mysql completely with some purge commands and now after setting up the mysql server back and creating required database, users and sourcing Ambari-DDL-MySQL-CREATE.sqlas mentioned in the Ambari docs :

Now, when I opened the my ambari web Ui I was asked again to setup my cluster using Ambari Installation Wizard. All agents are up and running on datanodes and namenode still but my server is not able to recognize them back ( I guess all because I reinstalled MySQL and all the ambari server data was wiped out ).


Its i now asking me back to setup cluster again but I cant do that even as on the step of setting up the agents it shows that multiple java processes are running there on the agents. 

So my question is how to either make the server realize its previous cluster state or if I need to setup the cluser again, then how do I go about removing the installed services on the master node and the slave nodes and start the cluster setup from scratch.

Thanks in advance, Please help guys!

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I provided an answer to such a situation Ambari MySQL database lost please have a look at it and see if that resolves you problem it did for someone in a similar situation.

Happy Hadooping