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Apache Nifi Custom processor with org.json dependency

New Contributor


I am trying to create a custom apache nifi processor using maven archetype:

GroupId: org.apache.nifi

ArtifactId: nifi-processor-bundle-archetype

Version: 1.18.0

If I add in my processor maven dependency 


and then try to run maven install I receive the following error:

[ERROR] Rule 3: org.apache.maven.plugins.enforcer.BannedDependencies failed with message:
Found Banned Dependency: org.json:json:jar:20220924
Use 'mvn dependency:tree' to locate the source of the banned dependencies.

Looking at parent nifi dependencies I am seeing this section in nifi.1.18.0 pom.xml file

<!-- Cat-X Deps -->

Why org.json dependency is explicitly banned? If it's expected how a custom processor can use classes and functionalities from org.json package such as JSONObject ?

Thank you in advance,


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