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Re: Apache Nifi - facebook integration

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Hi. Any suggestions on this issue. I am waiting to march forward on this use-case

Re: Apache Nifi - facebook integration

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Facebook only let's you see information that you are allowed to see.

You have set your Facebook security settings and your app settings.

You also will only have access to information that users want you to see.

Work it out in the Facebook graph explorer first and then use that API call.

That may be unicode.

Are you using an American English ID or another language that may be stored in unicode due to other characters not in UTF-8?

Characters like these will be unicode encoded in JSON: பதவியேற்ற

Re: Apache Nifi - facebook integration


Hi Timothy,

- I'm facing with this error: "ssl context service invalid because sslcontextservice is disable".

Can you help me ?

Thanks in advance,


Re: Apache Nifi - facebook integration

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