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Apache nifi - how to convert a file .txt into Parquet (to save into HDFS) with Nifi?


Hi, i can't compress so many files.txt into a Parquet format to save in HDFS.

How can i do that? @ApacheNifi 


You must have the reader incorrectly configured for your CSV schema. 

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@Lallagreta  The solution you are looking for is to leverage NiFi Parquet Processors w/ Parquet Record Reader/Writer


Some fun links:


The Parquet procs are part of Nifi1.10 and up, but you can also install the nars into any older nifi versions:


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Hi, thank you so much for your answer.

I understand that i had to treat the data as CSV format with a “tab” delimiter rather than a “,”. 

For my project i use this flow:

GetFile -> UpdateAttributo -> PutParquet but something go wrong.

The error that compare is: "Unable to create record reader".

This is my processor configuration: Schermata 2021-01-09 alle 10.58.06.pngSchermata 2021-01-09 alle 10.58.13.pngSchermata 2021-01-09 alle 10.58.35.pngSchermata 2021-01-09 alle 10.58.46.pngSchermata 2021-01-09 alle 10.59.16.png

THANK YOU @ApacheNifi 

You must have the reader incorrectly configured for your CSV schema.