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Beeline connection string with a password which includes a space

New Contributor

I am unable to connect to Hive using a Beeline connection string when the password contains a space. Can somebody please help me. I've tried this:


beeline -u 'jdbc:hive2://;user=bob;password=is your uncle'


But it doesn't work. I've also tried putting a backslash in front of the spaces and using double quote to no avail.




Expert Contributor

@Glive  I couldn't test it right now, but could you try the following?


beeline -u "jdbc:hive2://;user=bob;password='is your uncle'"


Within single quotes try to escape white space with a back slash(\), if it does not work.

Else, let beeline prompt you for the password:


beeline -u "jdbc:hive2://" -n bob -p


When it prompts you, enter the password. This was introduced in HIVE-13589


Try putting your password in backtick ` ` (key above tab key)

New Contributor

I wasn't able to make it work so simply changed my password and removed the spaces.

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