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Best practice for Nifi env backup


Best practice for Nifi env backup

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Hello All,

We have 3 noded nifi cluster env set up for dev, uat and prod in our organisation. We don't have registry installed yet. From the disaster recovery perspective can anyone guide us what are the things need to be backed up ? We have flowfile xml in mind , however any pointer would really help.


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Re: Best practice for Nifi env backup

Expert Contributor

Hi @JasmineD,


We might need to consider backing up the following:

  • flow.xml.gz
  • users.xml
  • authorizations.xml
  • All config files in NiFi conf directory
  • NiFi local state from each node
  • NiFi cluster state stored in zookeeper.

Please make sure that you have stored the configuration passwords safely.

  • NiFi relies on sensitive.props.key password to decrypt sensitive property values from flow.xml.gz file.
  • If they do not know sensitive props key, they would need to manually clear all encoded values from flow.xml.gz.
  • This action will clear all passwords in all components on the canvas.
  • We need to re-enter all of them once NiFi was recovered.

Also, if there are any local files that are required by the DataFlows, that would also need to be backed up as well. (i.e., Custom processor jars, user-built scripts, externally referenced config/jar files used by some processors, etc.).


Note: All the repositories in NiFi are backed up by default. Here is a good article to see how backup works in NiFi.


Hope this helps. Please accept the answer and vote up if it did.