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CDP 7 - Error while adding hosts to existing cluster

New Contributor



I'm getting the below error when trying to add hosts to the Cloudera cluster.



- Cloudera Manager Version: Cloudera Enterprise Trial 7.1.1

- CDH Version: 6.3.2-1.cdh6.3.2.p0.1605554

- Java Version: 1.8.0_232 


Scenario steps:

1- Add --> Add Hosts

2- Add hosts to Cluster

3- Specify Hosts:

  - Specify the hostname

  - SSH Port 22

4- Select Repository:

  - Public Cloudera Repository

5- Select JDK:

  - Install a Cloudera-provided version of OpenJDK

6- Enter Login Credentials:

  - Login to All Hosts as: root

  - Authentication Method: All hosts accept same password

  - Choose password

  - SSH Port 22, Number of Simultaneous Installations: 10

7- Install Agents:

  - Status: Installation failed. Failed to copy installation files.

  - Details: Failed to copy installation files




Apparently, the path /7.1.1 does not exist, only versions 7.0.3 ( and 7.1.3 ( are available.
Also, the file "allkeys.asc" is only available in the 7.1.3 version.


Please advise.


Master Guru

@JeanM This is most probably the issue is with the repo which you are using, means you have to make sure that CM host is able to make connections to the internal/external repo. 

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