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Can I have custom processor name different than java class name?

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Hello Experts,


I am upgrading nifi from 1.12.x to 1.16.x and for some time I need to support both the versions.


So I am trying to have profiles for nifi 12 and 16 in maven pom so that based on the profile passed it can build the nar file for specific version.


I am facing an challenge in above step, because of  a refactoring happened in nifi security utils post 1.12.


I was using 'OkHttpClientUtil' in 1.12 and which is no longer available in 1.16


So now to support both the version for a custom processor I need to have 2 java classes, one for 1.12 and one for 1.16 with minor code changes.


But I want to keep my custom processor name same across both the version, is it possible ?

Ex : my java classes like below ...

Nifi 12 -

Nifi 16 -


Is it possible to have custom processor name as "ResourceRouting" also?


Any suggestion would be much appreciated.


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