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Change the data in an impala table to be sorted




I have a table in Impala and I want to make its data to be sorted. 

I thought to move the data into a temp table and start insert into but the amount of data is huge and I was wondering if there is any other option to sort them in the background.


Thanks in advance.



Hi @drgenious ,


Perhaps you can share with members of the community inclined to answer your question more detail about why you want to do this. What do you hope to achieve?



Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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I have a table with a lot of data and I want to make the data be sorted in the level of the table in order to not put order by in my queries. 


What I want is to sort the main table immediately instead of transfer this data to another sorted table because it is time consuming. The table has been created without sort by. Is there any way to alter the configurations of the table. For example alter table <table_name> order by <column>