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Cloudera Express mirror

Cloudera Express mirror

New Contributor

I've just found out about the recent paywall and discontinuation of Cloudera Express.

I've read a number of documents on the matter and there is contradictory info. regarding the change so I am confused.

If someone was to have a Cloudera Express installation (where the version is less than 6.3.3) and a mirror of the Cloudera archive from when it was public would the continued use of the software be classed as operating within the terms of the licence?

If there is an official doc that covers this scenario I would really appreciate the link.

Thank you


Re: Cloudera Express mirror

Hi @TonyDi ,

I think I can help clarify things at least a little bit.


Cloudera Express was discontinued over a year ago now, please see the announcement here: Cloudera Enterprise 6.3.3 Released

…scroll down to the subsection Important Note About Cloudera Express.


In that announcement, (see the subheading Important Note About Installation), Cloudera wrote:

Beginning with Cloudera Manager 6.3.3 and CDH 6.3.3, downloading the software will require a valid Cloudera Enterprise license file and/or a username and password obtained from Cloudera. All Cloudera Manager package, CDH parcel and CDH package repositories now require authentication with valid credentials to access any version labeled 6.3.3 or higher.

Some folks interpreted this last sentence to mean that versions of CDH prior to 6.3.3 would be free to download with no subscription agreement going forward. This turned out to not be the case, as just this last February, Cloudera relocated (or changed, if you prefer) the download location and only made CDH and CDH-related assets, including versions prior to 6.3.3, only available from a private repository. Please see the announcement here: Transition to private repositories for CDH, HDP and HDF.

Now, to download any version of CDH or CDH-related assets you need a valid subscription. This announcement effectively superseded the February 2020 announcement, and perhaps the fact that both announcements are available on the web with no annotation indicating that the latter is more recent and overrides the former is confusing, but I don't read them as contradictory.

I can't speak to whether someone having a mirror of the Cloudera archive from when it was public is in violation of the license or not, so I'll leave that aspect of your question to other members of the community to answer. I have not seen any official document that addresses that specific question.



Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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