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Cloudera Manager Installation using a clustered external MySQL database




I have a plan to use the exisitng mysql galera cluster as an external database for the cloudera manager installation. I was going through the cloudera documentation and some where it states "Cloudera Manager installation fails if GTID-based replication is enabled in MySQL"


So wanted to know if it will install and work properly using a Galera/mysql cluster. Can some one please clarify this ? Also is there any script or steps I need to follow if I am going to use the above said mysql galera cluster managed by our DBAs (Database Administrators) ?




Thank you so much for the prompt reply Ben ! I really appreciate that.

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Super Guru



Thank you for asking.

At this time we do not support it and recommend against using Galera.


This is mainly due to the way Galera implements optimimstic locking.  At the least, we have noted problems where the following error occurs "Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction".


We are also concerned that a simple retry could introduce the possibility of out-of-order events.


Bottom line is that we would need to code and test extensively to certify Galera.  That may happen in the future, but, for now, I'd say avoid it as we know there are locking problems.







Thank you so much for the prompt reply Ben ! I really appreciate that.

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