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Cloudera Navigator vs Apache Atlas

New Contributor

What are the differences between Cloudera Navigator and Apache Atlas? Which one should we choose for which purpose? Can you explain in detail? I could not find any resources , articles on this subject on the Internet.

Thanks for responses.


Cloudera Employee

Cloudera Navigator is included in our CDH release.  It provides powerful search and audit features as well as data policy lifecycle management.


Apache Atlas is included in our HDP releases and going forward in our latest CDP release.

In CDP we have brought across Navigators powerful search features into Apache Atlas. 

Apache Atlas will be the Cloudera solution for data governance going forward.


Apache Atlas as part of CDP provides broader support for services including Kafka, Spark and events from CML Machine Learning models.  The metadata options are further extended to provide a hierarchal model and relationships between entities.   Apache Atlas also has deep integration with the Cloudera SDX services so that labels applied to data objects, can be assigned attribute based permissions in Ranger.


The easiest way to experience the latest features in Cloudera Data Governance is via CDP.

If you would like more information or a demonstration please reach out to your account team.