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Comparing Clusters' configurations


Just wondering what is the best way to compare configurations for two clusters? Is there any feature available on Ambari UI to do the same? At present I think Ambari cannot support managing multiple clusters. So not sure if this would be possible at all.

Is exporting the cluster configurations as blueprints and then comparing them manually, the only option available? Or are there any better ways to do the same?

Thanks in advance.


The below script helps to compare the configs.

New Contributor

This is a pretty useful tool. You can compare the entire Ambari blueprints and it generates a tab delimited report of the the differences and similarities between two or more clusters.

New Contributor

If you are still seeking a solution you could use Orcaconfig to compare dumped XMLs. It's designed to automatically compare configurations in complex environments. Hope this helps you. (yep I work there)