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Configuring ambari views on Kerberized Cluster

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Hi Folks,

In the kerberized cluster, we integrated AD for Ambari authentication. Using the AD users, I am able to login to Ambari. But when I log in by default it lands on the views. But When I click any of the views, I see an error.

500 Authentication requiredCollapse Stack Trace Authentication required at org.apache.hadoop.hdfs.web.WebHdfsFileSystem.validateResponse(
at org.apache.hadoop.hdfs.web.WebHdfsFileSystem.access$200( 
at org.apache.hadoop.hdfs.web.WebHdfsFileSystem$AbstractRunner.runWithRetry( 
at org.apache.hadoop.hdfs.web.WebHdfsFileSystem$AbstractRunner.access$100( 
at org.apache.hadoop.hdfs.web.WebHdfsFileSystem$AbstractRunner$

While configuring the file view here are the properties I've used :


WebHDFS Username ${username}

WebHDFS Authorization = auth=KERBEROS;proxyuser=admin

Cluster Configuration

Related to the cluster HDFS and name node details.

After Kerberization I created a user "ambari­-user/

And also created a key tab, copied on the ambari -server machine.

Stopped Ambari server and then

$ambari­-server setup­security

Specified the keytab of the Ambari-user (newly created the User in KDC) and started the Ambari-Server.

Trying to access the Ambari -view but getting the above error.

Did any one face similar issue?

I am following the HDP documention section Configuring Ambari User Views with a Secure Cluster :




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@Darpan Patel

If the cluster your views will communicate with is Kerberos-enabled, you need to configure the Ambari Server instance(s) for Kerberos and be sure to configure the views to work with Kerberos.

View solution in original post


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Thanks @Predrag Minovic

Indeed this is quite detailed. I've a user ambariserver and principal ambariserver/

I also verified following two properties are added in the custom core site.


PIG/Hive view, I've added following two properties in the webhcat-site.xml


Accessing the Hive View we see error.

H020 Could not establish connecton to HiveServer2_HOST:10000:org.apache.thrift.transport.TTransportException

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Okay, what's the status of the Files view now? Can you now browse the files? Also try to restart ambari-server just in case.

Regarding Hive error, what's your Hive transport mode, binary or http? Only Hive view packaged with Ambari- (and I guess 2.2) supports http mode, old Ambari versions support only binary mode.

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@Predrag Minovic

The hive.server2.transport.mode is set to http. File explorer is working. We are on Ambari version: 2.1.2 Thank you. Is there any thing possibly missing?

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Is there any special reason you are using http Hive transport mode? [For example, Knox requires http mode.] If not, then set the transport mode to binary and Hive view should work. If you want to keep the http transport than you need Ambari- or 2.2.

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@Darpan Patel Regarding NN HA support, as I mentioned above, based on our recent experience with Ambari- in a kerberized cluster, Files and Hive views support NN HA, while Pig view doesn't. I haven't had time to explore Ambari-2.2 yet.

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@Darpan Patel

Darpan, I have one question related to what you did. I am newbie to Kerberos. I am actually running a similar configuration, where I have AD that holds all principals. Regarding what you have said:

>>After Kerberization I created a user "ambari­-user/

you did this in the AD right ?

>>And also created a key tab, copied on the ambari -server machine

How did you do that? You created the keytab at the ambari-server host ? or created it in AD and somehow you copied the keytab to /etc/security/keytabs of your ambari server host ?