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Connecting to Hive from NiFi


We are not able to create a connection with Hive on the server using local NiFi. We are facing an error with finding the driver class. Inserted the hive libraries in the lib folder of NiFi which is causing the NiFi to not start at all.


Super Guru

It is highly recommended that you don't place JARs in NiFi's lib/ folder; as you can see it can affect the behavior of the whole instance. Instead you can put all the Hive driver JAR(s) into some other folder, and add the path to that folder to the Database Driver Location(s) property of the DBCPConnectionPool.

There is also a HiveConnectionPool controller service, which is similar to DBCPConnectionPool but it comes packaged with a Hive 1.2 driver. Depending on your Hive version, you should be able to use the built-in driver via HiveConnectionPool. If your Hive server is from HDP 2.4+, you will want to use the HDF version of NiFi, as that has the HDP Hive driver packaged within, versus the Apache Hive driver.


Thanks for replying @Matt Burgess. We are facing error with the location path for the driver as in the screenshot.dbcpconnection-error.png

Is there a free download for the HDF version of NiFi? And will this help in connection of NiFi from local system to the Ambari on Server.


We are facing another issue regarding the hive connection pool of which screenshot is attached below and in this we are using HDF version of Nifi. Can you help with this?


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