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ConsumeAzureEventHub - correct EventHub name?

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I've been using a flow to get events from Azure Event Hub. I have decided to move from GetAzureEventHub to ConsumeAzureEventHub. But ConsumeAzureEventHub returns following: 

"failed to process session due to EventHub names must conform to the following rules to be able to use it with EventProcessorHost: Must start with a letter or number, and can contain only letters, numbers, and the dash (-) character. Every dash (-) character must be immediately preceded and followed by a letter or number; consecutive dashes are not permitted in container names. All letters in a container name must be lowercase. Must be from 3 to 63 characters long."


The EventHub name contains underscore which is OK for EvenHub itself and for GetAzureEventHub as well. I'm unable to change it because I'm just a "reader" ... Is there any possibility how to use ConsumeAzureEventHub for such name?


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Super Guru

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Thank you ...