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Could not create more than one ticket for multiple users in MIT Kerberos for Hive ODBC connection


I've installed and configured MIT Kerberos for Windows Hive ODBC connection.

I could not create Kerberos ticket for more than one user, the new ticket created overwrites the existing ticket. Hence multiple user accessing that Windows machine could not obtain a valid ticket to connect to Hive ODBC connections.

I've set krbs.conf from the Hive server and KRB5CCNAME is set to C:\temp\krb5cache.

Please let me know how to configure this to have more valid tickets for each user.


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Hi. Yeah its expected when you have the common path for tgt cache for multiple user. Can you make the location unique for each different user - I haven't tested but I see an option in this link 

Set up the Kerberos credential cache file. On the Windows system, set the environment variable KRB5CCNAME to specify the file system location of the cache file. The file must be named krb5cache. This location identifies a file, not a directory, and should be unique to each login on the server. When you set KRB5CCNAME, you can specify the value in either a local user environment or within a session. For example, the following command sets KRB5CCNAME in the session:


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