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Count all db, tables and partitions in hive

New Contributor


I need to know how many bases, tables and partitions we have in hive. Taking into account that the cluster has more than 10,000 bases, it is ruled out to do it manually.


Please could you tell me if it can be done by querry and how to do it?


Thank you!





Expert Contributor



You have the following commands from hive


show databases

show tables

show partitions <dbName>.<tableName>;


You can write your script to count, one example, count number of tables


hive -e "show databases" >db3.out;cat db3.out | while read line; do hive -e "use $line;show tables" >> tables3.out;done; cat tables3.out | wc -l


PS: there maybe some unwanted characters, you may want to do some cleaning up before final count

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