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Disable remote parcel repository in CM config


I am trying to configure CM5 for parcel deployment in our PoC environment.

I currently have all my parcel files in /app/cloudera/parcel-repo and I want to use this as my repository and not have to point to any 

URL. But I am unable to disable the URL option Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 3.40.15 PM.png


I want to disable this section completely. My goal is to keep all parcel files on the CM5 server "/app/cloudera/parcel-repo" directory and deploy to targets from this location alone. If I want a new parcel, I would upload it to that directory. Is it possible to do that?


Much appreciate your help here. 




They snapshot didn't show up. Can you re-post it?

Cloudera Employee
It's there.

Thanks Philip,

I had to wait for some time for the image to upload. But it did fix all my issues.


Cloudera Employee
Glad to hear.