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Export Hue query results as parquet?

New Contributor

Is there a way to download the table resulting from a Hive or Impala query from Hue to a local directory in parquet format? Currently Hue only allows CSV and Excel table format.



I don't fully understand your question, can you please clarify?

The data for Hive/Impala tables are stored in HDFS, and the format of the data basically depends on the format you specify for the table. If you create a table as parquet format ,then data will be written as parquet and you can download them directly from HDFS.

What do you mean by "Hue only allows CSV and Excel table format."?


New Contributor

Hi @EricL,


Our IT Architecture team has closed off all access to our data storage other than the Hue web interface.  So we can submit Hive and Impala queries. But my job often requires pulling data to local storage, usually more than 100000 rows.


When looking at the results of a Hive query, on the left side of the table is the option to export the data. You can save the table on the cluster (not helpful in this case) or download the first 100000 rows as a CSV file or an Excel file. My question refers to the possibility of downloading the table in another format, different from CSV or Excel.


But I suppose the more pressing question is how can we download more than 100000 rows? I know this is a horrible way to handle data transfer, but it is the only option left open to us by our architecture team.