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Failed to add host Cloudera 7.1.6 to new cluster managed by cloudera manager exit error 126

New Contributor

Hi Expert,


In our environment, we have cloudera manager 7.1.6 successful up and running. However when adding host into new cluster manager it is throwing error exit 126. 


Is there troubleshooting guide that can refer error exit 126?





Hi @jh1688 ,


Can you share some screen shot or logs.

and mean while please check

- connectivity between your new host and cloudera manager server. check ports, use telnet/ping

- make sure you are using right credentials/key of your new server

Cloudera Employee


Exit Error Code 126 indicate that there is an issue with the permission of the executable files.

If you can check/provide the stderr.log snapshot, it might give you the hint to which file it is trying to execute.


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