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Failed to download package. Status code: 401 while installing agents from Cloudera manager 7.3.1

New Contributor

I m running RHEL 7.9 OS in my environment  and trying to install CDP 7.6.1.

while installing agents getting the below error

Failed to download package. Status code: 401







Please help me find a solution Asap.



Swathi K


Cloudera Employee

@swathi_k ,


As the error suggests, it is unable to download the parcel files. Do you have valid credentials as the parcels are under paywall now .


Also, please upload CM logs, CM agent log from CM server node as well as the operational logs for further troubleshooting.



New Contributor



I am getting the exact same error while deploying the cm trial 7.4.4 for an encryption POC. How to get valid credentials for the repository?


KR, Sebastian

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