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Garafana faild to start

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Re: Garafana faild to start



Just to update:

I found the solution in

"One of the issue could be due to /var/lib/ambari-agent/data/structured-out-status.json. Cat this file to review the content. Typical content could be like following:

cat structured-out-status.json {"processes": [], "securityState": "UNKNOWN"}

Compare the content with the same file in another node which is working fine.

Stop ambari-agent, move this file to another file and restart ambari-agent."

After that I restarted ambari-agent on the relevant host and things working back properly.

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Re: Garafana faild to start

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While grafana service is stopped on Ambari. I find grafana process with.

ps aux | grep grafana

Then kill the process.

Started Grafana from Ambari.

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