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Getting error while Sqoop export . Need help for finding out the exact error.


While doing sqoop export

sqoop export --connect jdbc:mysql://ip-172-31-20-247/dbname --username uname --password pwd --table orders --export-dir /orders.txt

getting the following error .


18/11/10 16:18:52 INFO mapreduce.Job:  map 0% reduce 0%
18/11/10 16:19:00 INFO mapreduce.Job:  map 100% reduce 0%
18/11/10 16:19:01 INFO mapreduce.Job: Job job_1537636876515_6580 failed with state FAILED due to: Task failed task_1537636876515_6580_m_000000
Job failed as tasks failed. failedMaps:1 failedReduces:0
18/11/10 16:19:01 INFO mapreduce.Job: Counters: 12
        Job Counters 
                Failed map tasks=1
                Killed map tasks=3
                Launched map tasks=4
                Data-local map tasks=4
                Total time spent by all maps in occupied slots (ms)=61530
                Total time spent by all reduces in occupied slots (ms)=0
                Total time spent by all map tasks (ms)=20510
                Total vcore-milliseconds taken by all map tasks=20510
                Total megabyte-milliseconds taken by all map tasks=31503360
        Map-Reduce Framework
                CPU time spent (ms)=0
                Physical memory (bytes) snapshot=0
                Virtual memory (bytes) snapshot=0
18/11/10 16:19:01 WARN mapreduce.Counters: Group FileSystemCounters is deprecated. Use org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.FileSystemCounter instead
18/11/10 16:19:01 INFO mapreduce.ExportJobBase: Transferred 0 bytes in 17.1712 seconds (0 bytes/sec)
18/11/10 16:19:01 INFO mapreduce.ExportJobBase: Exported 0 records.
18/11/10 16:19:01 ERROR mapreduce.ExportJobBase: Export job failed!
18/11/10 16:19:01 ERROR tool.ExportTool: Error during export: Export job failed!

Please let me know how to check what the exact error is ?

Expert Contributor

Hello @Manyata111


Thanks for posting your query


Could you please check in your appliction log by running below command 


#yarn logs -applicationId <applicationID> -appOwner <username_who_triggered_job> 


kindly check if you are seeing any error messages