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Grafana Fail to start server


Hi Team

Grafana not starting on HDP 2.4 with below error

2017/05/11 07:49:30 [I] Database: sqlite3 2017/05/11 07:49:30 [I] Migrator: Starting DB migration 2017/05/11 07:49:30 [I] Listen: 2017/05/11 07:49:30 [web.go:93 StartServer()] [E] Fail to start server: crypto/tls: private key does not match public key


Super Mentor

@suresh krish

Looks like you have enabled HTTPs for Grafana UI access which is not configured properly.

Please refer to the following article that explains how to properly configure the HTTPs for Grafana:

Basically you are getting the following error : private key does not match public key

Which means you have not imported the certificates properly. May be recreating the ssl certificates will be easier and quick approach to fix this issue.



Thanks for your response, I have a grafana crt file already created. do i need to import it again? Can you tell me how to import it

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