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I am planning for HCA - HORTONWORKS CERTIFIED ASSOCIATE Certification in next 2 months. I have already checked the exam objective and it is vast. I am reading below book for certification


Is this sufficient for passing the certification ? Can anyone tell me how to prepare for this certification ? Can someone share sample question being asked in this HCA certification?


I have been studying all this exam objectives for quiet some time but am not sure if i am ready to give my first attempt. Even though $100 is not too much amount to loose, but it would be nice if we had some kind of sample questions to compare against or reference books to depend on? Offering a free ondemand training for this certificaiton would go a long way!!!

As pointed out in the comments section of the answer above, we are currently considering whether we should be offering this as a free on-demand course. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


Hi Lester.. Is the 1-day Hadoop essential course free to go through now ?? If yes, kindly share the link. Thanks.

The 1-day essentials course is available for free at in a self-paced format. Enjoy and good luck on the exam!

avatar imageLester Martin is there a time line you could share? Thanks!

Is there a time line you could share? Thanks!

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I have a question as well, the reference the exam objectives document mentions is enough to pass the exam, or something different to study is needed?


I have a question as well... the reference the document mentions in the objectives is covering all the questions content or it is necessary to study something else?

Correct; if you understand the vast majority of the topics outlined at then you are well positioned knowledge-wise to pass the exam. Good luck!

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@Lester Martin could you please confirm if the HCA certificate consist of all objective type questions , as in the Data Sheet of HCA they have provided the below URL which says about HDP certification and no MCQ questions.

As states, "the HCA certification is a multiple-choice exam that consists of 40 questions with a passing score of 75%". Good luck!!