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HDFS balancer with small files



I have an HDFS cluster with 3 nodes. The cluster holds lots of small files (KB) and I have reached Millions of blocks per node.


I have added 4 more new servers to the cluster and started the balancer process but it looks that it does not do much. - The goal is to reduce the Million of blocks per server 


In order to balance the small-size files should i change the value of the following parameter to support moving files from 1KB size?



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Hi @dzbeda,

The definition of "dfs.balancer.getBlocks.min-block-size" is "Smallest block to consider for moving".

What is the version of hadoop? Is it CDH or HDP? What is the version of CDH / HDP?

For CDH please refer to:

HDFS Balancer and DataNode Space Usage Considerations:




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