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ssl key store is specified,but key store password is not specified

New Contributor

after start the ssl_kafka

the error log was

"ssl key store is specified,but key store password is not specified"


but I have already sot ssl.keystore.location and ssl.keystore.password.generator

I don't konw  I can do the next step!


I need help,thanks


Expert Contributor

Is this during Kafka start or Kafka Mirror Maker start?
What if you try to pass the values in 
"Kafka Broker Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for" to pass the properties (ssl.keystore.password, ssl.key.password and ssl.truststore.password. i.e, without .generator)?
Kafka MirrorMaker has a known issue: .generator properties do not work for producer configs.
This affects CDK 3.X (CDH 6.X contains a fix for this issue from 6.2). - CDH-73094 
Which version are you using? Please specify both CM and CDH version. 

This can cause issue too if they are not compatible. 


Is this an upgrade cluster or new?


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Vidya Sargur,
Community Manager

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